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Entry #1


2008-07-09 06:18:14 by Mansbridge11

My first audio submission is finally through. Wonder if I'll get a good rating! ;)


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2008-07-09 08:52:21

congrats, and the audiodidnt have great quality, u should get a better mike or something...

Mansbridge11 responds:

I know!! :P


2008-07-20 12:22:47

cool ill check it out later k.its good to see a nother auther in new grounds

(Updated ) Mansbridge11 responds:

Thanks, but my first submission had horrible quality! ;) There's also a little bit of static her and there so it's not the best sound in the world but I think it's okay for my first one. I'm going to try to buy better software soon anyways! :)


2008-07-21 14:37:35

yo i checked da music u made and it rocks but can u make more

Mansbridge11 responds:

Sure! :)


2008-07-29 06:10:01

gave it a 5

Mansbridge11 responds: